What’s For Dinner: Easy Chicken n’ Dumplings


Chicken n’ Dumplings

3 or more boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 large pack of flour tortillas
2 large cans or boxes of chicken stock (or preferably, a medium pot of homemade stock)
1 can of Cream of Chicken soup (I like Campbell’s)
2 tbsp. Margarine or butter

1.  Boil chicken breasts in water until chicken is tender.
2.  After chicken cools slightly, cut or tear into bite-size pieces.
3.  Boil chicken stock.
4.  When rolling boil reached, tear three tortillas together at a time into a variety of pieces (smallest about the size of a half dollar, largest about the circumference of a dinner roll).  Add pieces to stock, stirring as needed to prevent sticking.
5.  Turn heat to medium. Stir constantly until tortillas are al dente but not mushy.
6.  Add margarine or butter.  Add Cream of Chicken soup.
7.  Stir constantly until all ingredients are well incorporated.  Simmer for about two minutes, continuing to stir.

Note:  The ingredients you use affect the taste. My family prefers homemade stock, butter and Campbell’s soup but I have used canned stock, margarine, and even canned pre-cook chicken meat before.  The quality is not as good, but it is still palatable in a pinch.

This can be mixed up together and cooked on low for several hours in a crockpot if needed for convenience.

I promise even if you love your Granny’s recipe for old-fashioned, homemade dumplings, this recipe will be a staple at your house.  The tortillas are easy and taste great!

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